Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Light of a lifetime

What if... you only had to buy a light bulb once?

In short, you buy a light bulb, screw it into the socket and never ever replace it.

Science Fiction, nope it is here today... still a little pricey but nonetheless still a good deal. No rant just yet (but wait), just a look at how these bulbs measure up.

Let's start with the basic cost vs. lifetime argument. Lets assume a 60 watt equivalent rating and 8 hours per day 365 days a year till death due us part, okay lets call it 5 years. Cost of electricity is still $0.045 per Kwh (Kilowatt hour).

Incandescent bulb (60 watts)
  • purchase price cost $0.50

  • lifespan 750 hours (3 months)

  • yearly power consumption 175200 watts ($7.88)

  • 5 year cost, bulbs $10.00 + power $39.40 = $49.40

  • 20 year cost, bulbs $40.00 + power $157.60 = $197.60

LED light (2.5 watts)

  • purchase price $34.00

  • lifespan 60,000 hours (20 years)

  • yearly power consumption 7300 watts ($0.33)

  • 5 year cost, bulb $34.00 + power $1.65 = $35.65

  • 20 year cost, bulb $34.00 + power $6.60 = $40.60

The break even point is really more like 4 years.

Error analysis... all these numbers are averages, you may have more or less lighting, and may leave them on longer or shorter. You also have to shell out $35 bucks for a bulb versus $2 for a 4 pack. The latter seems cheaper, but not in the long run.

The LED's bulbs themselves are currently not made by any big name compaines, ummm can't imagine why... OH COME ON... there is no profit in making a bulb that you only buy once. Incandescent Bulb Companies make a small fortune selling people the same bulb over and over again. Most LED bulb companies are small guys trying to make a buck. The compact Flourescent bulb market is picking up steam and in a few years I imagine the LED market will follow suit. The price for LED's will drop and replace the Compacts as the light source of choice.

CANDU 6 rant. (Cost 3 billion dollars, 700 Mwh)

If we replaced one bulb for every person in Ontario we would be saving 691 Mwh every hour the lights are on. That is the output of 1 Candu 6 Nuclear Reactor. BTW... I am pro Nuclear, there is no other choice except conservation.

Right now (as of this minute) Ontario is using 18,178 Mw per hour.


At January 3, 2007 3:10 PM , Anonymous Bernie said...

I too am pro-nuclear....once you assured me they won't blow up, that is. GRIN

At January 7, 2007 10:32 PM , Blogger Paula said...

I would like to hear you discuss why you like nuclear in a future post.


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