Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Reduce, Reuse Recycle... how about stop making???

What if... we stopped making disposable things?

I saw a thought provoking sign on the bus today. It basically said, use refillable pens and pencils and stop using disposable ones. It got me thinking... If you want people to stop using disposable items...


We waste tonnes of raw resources and energy making items we should not be using. The grocery industry it starting to move towards reusable bags. Not a new idea, but a timely one. We need to stop making and throwing away billions of plastic bags. We need to stop throwing away thousands of everyday items, from pens to computers. In my naive world the solution seems simple... stop making disposable items.

Thing is...we are not hurting enough yet. Once we find the cost of garbage removal or processing too high we will act... but not before. Like so many things, we are not proactive, but reactive. Which usually ends up with us doing to little to late.

I try to use reusable bags, and we recycle what we can, and from now on I will use refillable pens and mechanical pencils.